WWW Wednesday | 5 May

Hi all and welcome back for another WWW Wednesday, hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. I really enjoy doing these as I feel like my reading rate has slowed down a bit so I don’t have as many reviews to post – but it means I can still check in with you all!

So, the three Ws to be answered are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

The Little Stranger: shortlisted for the Booker Prize: Amazon.co.uk: Sarah  Waters: 9781844086061: Books

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. This is a ghost story set in a crumbling 1940s mansion. This is my first Sarah Waters book and I’m really enjoying it so far! It feels quite Shirley Jackson-esque to me, though much, much longer – I think my edition is about 500 pages? It’s a real slow-burn; I’m about half-way through and most people are still not admitting there’s any form of haunting happening. So it’s definitely not for people who love a fast-paced plot! However, I’m really enjoying getting to know the characters and experiencing the post-war world and class struggles that Sarah Waters is depicting.

One of the things I loved about The Haunting of Hill House (review linked) is her use of terror – it’s the anticipation of something bad happening, rather than the actually bad thing, that’s truly scary. And I can definitely see hints of that in this book, which I’m really enjoying – so I’m hoping the second half of the novel can keep me as transfixed and happy as the first!

What did you recently finish reading?

Since my last WWW Wednesday post (4 weeks ago!), I have finished four books:

56993994. sy475
  • The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse, which I was enjoying when I last wrote one of these posts, but which I ended up giving only 2 stars to. I found it disappointing, especially the reveal at the end.
  • The Manningtree Witches by A.K. Blakemore – I absolutely adored this book! Wonderfully written, really clever and poignant. I gave this five stars and I definitely recommend you read my review then pick it up!
  • Ariadne by Jennifer Saint – this was a NetGalley ARC, and I haven’t posted my review for this one yet, but I really didn’t enjoy it. It’s a ‘Greek retelling’ of Ariadne (who appears in the Minotaur myth – she’s the Minotaur’s sister), but I found this novel really boring and dry. It’s supposed to retell the myth from Ariadne’s point of view, but it does that quite literally – not adding anything new or giving her more agency or a different role to the original myths depict. I found it a real disappointment as I was very much looking forward to it.
34810320. sy475

  • Sadie by Courtney Summers – this book is told partly by first-person accounts from Sadie, and partly through transcripts of a podcast that is investigating her disappearance. I thought this was well-written and I read most of it in one go, but it is an incredibly bleak novel with no lighter moments to balance it out. It felt like Summers had thought ‘what are all the bad things that could ever happen’ and then made them all happen to Sadie. I’m not adverse to gritty, realistic or dark novels (in fact, they are usually my favourite kind), but this was too much for me.
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

    55808901. sy475

    I have no idea… my TBR has really flown out the window in the last couple of months. The Little Stranger was on my February TBR! I think I’ll see what I’m feeling, but potentially The Divines or maybe The First Woman. I also have Cunning Women to review and am really looking forward to it – but wanted to leave enough space after The Manningtree Witches as they are both books about the witch trials in the 1600s.

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