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WWW Wednesday | 12 May

Me? Doing a WWW Wednesday post two weeks in a row? Is it a miracle? I hope everyone’s doing well and that, if you’re in the UK, you’ve been enjoying some of the lockdown easing. I can’t believe we’re able to hug people next week! Mad, isn’t it? I will be exercising caution and won’t be going around madly hugging anyone and everyone, but when I do see my family again I will be giving them an extra tight squeeze! Anyway, on to the books…

As always, WW Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words and the three Ws to be answered are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

The First Woman by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. I’m not too far into yet – maybe 6 chapters or so, and I think it’s so interesting and the writing is really gripping. It’s set in Uganda in the 1970s and tells the story of Kirabo. When we meet her, Kirabo is about 12 years old, but this is supposed to be a coming of age novel, so I assume she’ll grow up as we read. What I’m loving about this novel so far is how it transports you to Uganda and immerses you in the history, language, culture and mythology. It can trip you up a couple of times, if you’re not used to reading about the culture, but I like that – why should the novel pander to the Western reader?

What did you recently finish reading?


I finished The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters a couple of days ago. I gave it four stars in my review – I thought it was compelling and atmospheric, but it was a little bit too long. It was my first Sarah Waters novel and I do think I would like to read more by her – any recommendations?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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As I mentioned last week, I have Cunning Women by Elizabeth Lee to review, which I would really like to get to soon – and which I’ve heard really good things about!

The Little Stranger and The First Woman are both quite long reads, so I think I would like to read something a bit shorter next. I mentioned The Divines last week, which is still a possibility, or maybe I will mix things up and go with a YA read. I have A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, which isn’t short but I think will be quite a quick read.

I also have some Audible credits to use up. I usually only listen to nonfiction books, but I would like to go out of my comfort zone and try a fiction book. I’m working from home by myself most of the time at the moment, so I think I could get some good listening time in. Does anyone have any good fiction audiobook recommendations? I have no idea how to tell what will make a good audiobook, really!

3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday | 12 May

  1. I really enjoyed Anxious People on audio. Anything by Backman would probably be excellent on audio, actually! I’m doing The Midnight Library right now and am enjoying it as well. And Liane Moriarty’s books are extremely entertaining listens. Best of luck finding one you’ll enjoy! Great post.

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